California King 95% waveless waterbed mattress

Descripción del producto
This 95% waveless waterbed mattress is designed to have just a little bit of movement when compared to a free flow waterbed mattress. The fiber inside will contour to your body and the extra fiber in the mid section will help you sink into the mattress more level and that combination is why this mattress is so comfortable. It is also built to last with highest quality materials and it is one of the few waterbed mattresses that is actually made in the U.S.. We have it in stock and if you have any questions about our 95% waveless water mattress feel free to contact Mattress Covers Amazon store any time. Thank-you for looking at our products. Mattress Covers Amazon store.

Precio: $277.71

  • California King Waveless waterbed mattress only has about 3-4 seconds of slow movement
  • Contour Mid Body Support which will let you sink into the mattress more level.
  • Heavy duty vinyl with reinforced corners for years of service
  • Life Time prorated warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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