Minidoka Sheepskin Medical Underlay, XL 41 inches and up, Plush and Silky Soft Merino Lambskin, by Desert Breeze Distributing

Descripción del producto
A medical grade lambskin underlay from Minidoka Sheepskin is the ultimate in luxurious comfort for anyone who needs relief from the pain associated with pressure sores, fibromyalgia, and poor circulation. It also provides a patient with an overall feeling of well-being and helps to reduce stress.

To qualify as a Medical Grade skin, the wool fibers must be especially fine and dense so it can provide the maximum support. Research studies in Australia noted that lambskin (from younger animals) were consistently rated as more supportive than sheepskin (from older animals). The study proved that the comfort factors related to softness and support provided by lambskin with a wool length of 30mm proved to be more comfortable than the shorter wool lengths of 20-25mm.

Wool is naturally breathable because the fibers are hollow and wick moisture away from the body. It also helps regulate body temperature so is warm in winter and cool in summer.

This line of lambskin rugs is from Australia and New Zealand, then tanned and finished according to strict quality standards in a world class facility in China that has the following certifications: ISO9001, Woolmark, Intertek, Sanitized, and CPSIA.

Minidoka Sheepskin – a luxury line of innovative sheepskin products made with superior craftsmanship and material. Minidoka Sheepskin® and Desert Breeze Distributing® are registered trademarks of Desert Breeze LLC.

Precio: $109.95

  • Extra Large Medical Lambskin single pelt natural shape is a minimum of 41 inches in length, and is a golden cream color. Machine washable.
  • Beneficial in the relief of pressure sores, fibromyalgia, and poor circulation. Extremely thick and silky soft for the ultimate in comfort for even those with the most sensitives skin.
  • Sheepskin naturally resists flame, dirt, oil, and odor. It’s also hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial.
  • Specially tanned and Sanitized for hygiene, safety, and peace of mind.
  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee Only When Purchased from an Authorized Desert Breeze Distributing® Reseller.
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