My Pillow Classic Series Bed Pillow, Standard/Queen Size, Medium (Single Pillow)

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What makes MyPillow Products different? – We use our unique Patented Inter-Locking Poly Fill for all our pillow products – Every aspect of our pillows, from the casings, cases, poly fill and manufacturing of our pillow products all are made and manufactured here is the USA. – This allows for the pillow to be adjusted to your sleep needs but also give you the perfect amount of support to stay asleep all night – Our Patented Fill is open cell as well which allows all our pillows to stay more cool than most pillows available – Washable and dryable(washing instructions are included with every pillow) – We believe so much in our pillows that we offer a 60 day Money back Guarantee and a 10 year warranty! (Toppers include a 5 year warranty) Why most pillows don’t work – Down Pillows or feather pillows : A down pillow or feather pillow will tend to go flat. Does not have the proper support you need, often causing neck pain, and the feathers inside will absorb heat. Causing most people to wake up many times to flip their pillow to the cool side. Also, these are difficult to wash as the feathers will usually ball together after washing. – Bamboo Pillows : A bamboo pillow, like down pillows, will go flat. Are mostly made of recycled, cheap foam and are all made in CHINA. The Bamboo pillows sold here in the US are all being sold by 3rd party sellers. The manufacture of these pillows are from China and do not use a high quality foam. Bamboo pillows will come will a ‘chemical’ odor, this is from the manufacturer not out-gassing their foam before stuffing the pillow. This is very unhealthy to breathe. Also, anyone who owns one of these should cut it open and see what’s inside, you’ll be surprised. – Memory Foam Pillows : As for a memory foam pillow, the biggest issues are the inability to adjust the pillow due to how they come pre-molded and the major heat buildup. You must adapt to the size of the pillow instead of making the pillow adapt to you like MyPillow.

Precio: $49.95

  • Comes in 2 different loft levels (check out our Premium Bed Pillows for a more custom fit with 4 different loft levels).
  • You can adjust MyPillow to your exact individual needs regardless of sleep position.
  • Machine Washable and Dryable.
  • Made with our Patented Interlocking Fill.
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